Amon2 6.13 documentation



Amon2 uses a perl script .pl file as the configuration file. It provides full flexibility. makes following code by default:

package MyApp;
use parent qw/Amon2/;
use Amon2::Config::Simple;
sub load_config { Amon2::Config::Simple->load(shift) }

MyApp->load_config() is a class method to load configuration data.

Amon2::Config::Simple reads a "config/$ENV{PLACK_ENV}.pl" by default. If the $ENV{PLACK_ENV} is null, Amon2 uses "config/$ENV{PLACK_ENV}.pl" instead.

If you want more flexibility, you can write your own configuration loader without Amon2::Config::Simple (e.g. Load configuration data from YAML, etc.).