Amon2 6.13 documentation



Amon2 does not support any E-mail related feature specifically. But you can send e-mail using CPAN modules!

Sending E-mail with Email::Sender

You can send e-mail very easy!:

use Email::MIME;
use Email::Sender::Simple;

my $message = Email::MIME−>create(
        header => [
            From => 'my@address',
            To   => 'your@address',
        parts => [
            q[This is part one],
            q[This is part two],
            q[These could be binary too],

Email::Sender::Simple->send( $message );

If you don’t want to depend on Moose for bootstrap time or memory saving, you can try Email::Send instead.

Receiving E-mail

Well, this is not a topic for Amon2.

Please read Email::MIME docs.