Amon2 6.13 documentation

WebSocket support

WebSocket support

Amon2 supports WebSocket natively(experimental).


Amon2’s websocket support is bundleed on core distribution, but there’s missing deps.

% cpanm Protocol::WebSocket Twiggy

Amon2 using Protocol::WebSocket as a protocol parser, and Twiggy is a httpd. You can’t use Starlet/Starman to support WebSocket.


It’s very easy to use.:

any '/echo' => sub {
    my ($c) = @_;
    return $c->websocket(sub {
        my $ws = shift;
        $ws->on_receive_message(sub {
            my ($c, $message) = @_;
            $ws->send_message("YAY: " . $message);

And full code of chat application is here: